Björn Larsson

Brandplats 3

The summer of 1999 was for Swedish conditions unusually hot and dry. August first started a fire in the Swedish National Park Tyresta. Two weeks later, the Swedish rescue services, military, militia and police conducted one of the largest rescue efforts in modern Swedish history: to save a forest.

Brandplats 3 is a crime scene for an arson investigation, and at the same time a recovery room for the forest in the area. The landscape bears traces of a drama in which the explosive fire is in contrast to a natural slow submission.

Björn Larsson have photographed in the area during ten years. His pictures tells how the fire-ravaged area slowly changed over time. Documents from the emergency services, police, military, the home guard and the press talks about the dramatic events some extremely hot and dry August weeks - about fire fighting and the subsequent efforts to prosecute anyone for crimes.