Björn Larsson

Concrete Piano

Betong Piano/Concrete Piano


hand-folded leporello
riso print . 19,5 x 13,5 cm .
40 pages
Toxoplasma Press 2023

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Refuse to Kill publications

By Björn Larsson and Carl Johan Erikson

Direktupphandling av kortfilm om medicinsk åldersbedömning, 2018

Handledning för utredningsmän, 2019

Porträtt av unga män, 2022

Published by VägraDöda

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Quality Used Cars

By Björn Larsson and AKAY

16 Pages: 16

195 x 130 mm, sewn

Edition: 100 copies, includes a folded poster (385 x 255 mm)

Self-published 2020

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One year in Sweden

By Björn Larsson

224 Pages

Design by Sebastian Wadsted

ISBN 978-91-87939-39-9

Published 2018 by Journal

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By Björn Larsson

96 Pages

Newspaper Printed

Unbound Saddle Stitch, inlay with silkscreen cardboard sheet and elastic rubber band

Design by Sebastian Wadsted

ISBN 978-91-87939-0

Published 2016 by Journal

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Brandplats 3

By Björn Larsson

248 pages

Format 32,5 x 16 cm

ISBN 978-91-85639-47-2, Language swedish with english translation 

Published 2013 by Dokument Press

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Schweden - ein dokument

By Björn Larsson and Peter Öhlander.

16 pages.

Text in swedish by Magnus Dahlström.

Published by Björn and Peter 1994.


Stentrollens olösta gåta

By Björn Larsson and Mats B in collaboration with Peter Johansson.

Text in swedish.

32 pages.

Published 2003 by Jönköpings länsmuseum


In the midst of nature

By Björn Larsson.

Text by Magnus Bärtås.

Swedish and english editions

72 pages.

Published 2006 by Journal.

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Linné - en småländsk resa

Photo essay by Björn Larsson handcolored by Maha Keml.

Edited by Lars-Olof Larsson.

Essays in swedish on Linné by Margareta Strömstedt, Katarina Dunér, Stefan Edman, Peter Aronsson, Lars-Olof Larsson, and others.

Published 2006 by Prisma



A conversation with anonymous photographers

By Björn Larsson together with Pål Bylund, Frida Tebus, Robert Karlsson and Lina Jaros.

Bilingual essay by Björn Larsson.

88 pages.

Published 2007 by Björn Larsson and Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm