Björn Larsson

Betong pianon/Concrete Piano

Weighing 17 tonnes and shaped like upright pianos, 48 colossi guard the area north-east of Stockholm between Brunnsviken and Husarviken. They call us concrete pianos. 

A photographic dokumentation 2021-2022.


The Äspörace

A film by Björn Larsson and Anders K Ängsvik 2021. 


Sound and editing by Vladyslav Kamensky. 

The Äspörace is a running competition 450 meter below ground level at at Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Oskarshamn, Sweden. The Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory is a research facility for future geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel. 

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In the midst of nature part 2

Photographs 2017-2021

This is re-making a photographic examination 20 years later of nature-representation in a Swedish museum project from the last turn of the century - the Biological Museum.


Vägradöda/Refuse to kill

Vägra Döda / Refuse to Kill

Refuse to Kill: The Stories of Conscientious Objectors is a research project run by Björn Larsson and Carl Johan Erikson, both former conscientious objectors.

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Inga & Sven - it´s so terribly lonely

A portrait of an art collector couple the last five years of their life.

Installation views from Prins Eugenes Waldemarsudde, 2012.


809 stonetrolls


In the midst of nature

Photographs 1998-2000

This is a photographic examination of nature-representation in a Swedish museum project from the last turn of the century – the Biological Museum.


Car in landscape

In this serie of photographs the motiv is cars more or less stranded outside the infrastructure of roads and in to nature. Handcolorist is Maha Keml, Cairo.



The Birdcather project is a collaborative work with artist Sookyoung Huh and dealing with birds and obsession.  A startingpoint has been the works off Swedish biologist, zoologist and author Sten Berman. His trip to Korea 1935-1937 under Japanese occupation, his collected files for the National Museum of Natural History and his diary entries have served as a backdrop a number of works and exhibition.


Me, Marcus and Bruno

A number of works in relation to a tradition of Nordic landscape imagery. The different works relate to paintings and photographs by Marcus Larsson(1825-1864)  and Bruno Liljefors (1869-1939) Images from the site of an attempt to start a new school for landscape and the three different versions of his oilpainting are handcolored by egyptian artist Ehab Abdel Atif. The photographs by Bruno Liljefors are digitally colored by Eva Tèrez Gölin. The images from B Liljefors island Bullerö are in two versions handcolored by egyptian artists Maha Keml and Ehab Abdel Atif.


New Order

Movie made from performance at Konsthall Mellbyskogen in 2010.

The performance was inspired by a tale of virtuosity. Swedish landscape painter Marcus Larson (1825- 1864) once visiting Johan Ludvig Runeberg in Borgå, Finland made a bet. He was to start and finish a painting during the time of performing the Kreutzer Sonata by Ludvig van Beethoven.

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Photographs 2002

Images from Livingstone, Zambia 2002.


War Habitat

Photographs , 2001-2006

The two series of photographs, Cairo 1974/2001 and Volgograd 1943/2005 presents images from two different wars that I have not witnessed. Instead I travelled to two museums: Volgograd State Panoramic Museum in Volgograd (Stalingrad), Russia and October War Museum in Cairo, Egypt.


Small deserts

Small deserts, Photographs and drawings,1992-1995

In this project I aim to describe a geological remnant from the last ice age. The vast timeline in contrast with the short-time characteristic of the photographic medium was the starting point.



Collection of sculpture, photographs, texts, t-shirts, homepage, bronze, 1994 -

This is a continuous collecting since 1994 of a kind of popular sculpture in stone– the stentroll ( swedish for a troll made of stone). The nature of the collector and its motive power was my startingpoint in this project.


Fantastic new donations of stone sculptures!

Several rare works by the relatively unknown artist Edvin Alm has been donated to the museum. These all 23 pieces are individually different and delicately made and will soon be shown as a part of  museum’s new presentation



Photographs and collection 2006-


without titles

sculpture, collection , 2006 –

A number of sculptural works originating from weaponlike cameras-lenses manufactured by Novoflex and Kiev.


works of translation

Photographs and cooperation with hand colourists, 2001 –

Translationworks is a cooperative project together with hand colourists from Egypt. The foundation for the project is a possibility or a suggestion to view hand colouring of black and white photographs as an act of translation. Within this project there are different threads in different series of images. see below


The swedes by Artin Seraphy - 2002-2006

I first met Artin in 2002 when i visited him and asked him to participate and handcolor portraits for me. This work continued with more than 40 images until his death four years later.


The swedes by Hossni Elwy, 2006 -

Hossni Elwy runs a portrait studio in Alexandria. I met him first time in 2006 and asked him to continue where Artin Seraphy left. Since then he has handcolored some 30 portraits for this project.


Brandplats 3

A ten year walk in a burnt down national park. Photographs, text,

In August 1999 a major forestfire ravaged the swedish national parc Tyresta. The rescue operation; including, the army, the navy, the fire-Brigade, the home defence, the police and volunteers; is one of the largest rescue operation in swedish history.

Ten years later I have visited the park over a period of ten years, each time collecting a visual archive of a new born landscape, so to speak. The work also consists of official texts from authorities involved in the rescue operation and the following criminal investigattion.